Question Regarding First Eggs


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
My BO started laying last week on Wednesday. One of my Sussies just started today.
Every time I see an egg in the nesting box I am THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF AND FILLED WITH

Does this ever get old?!
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Well that is reassuring cuz I tell ya, it's really brought out my inner freak!
I'm obsessed. I even made a little 3 minute movie and put it on YouTube.
It's called The Eggity Lady. You can also see it on my blog. The link is below.
Forget the Chicken Whisperer, I feel like the Chicken Stalker.
I imagine they say to each other, ""You ever get that feeling
like someone's watching you?"
I get more exercise now that my girls started laying over the weekend than I have all summer. I call it the egg checkin' obstacle course. Out the door, down the steps, down the drive, down the hill, around the coop, open the door, check the box, close the door, around the coop, up the hill, up the drive, up the steps, in the door, plop in the chair. If there was an egg, add in a gushing thank you and a pet to each girl, and a stop at the fridge to put it away.
tomhusker that's darn funny and I COMPLETELY understand! How many times a day do you run the course?
OH! You have Lavender Orps?! That's my dream bird. And barred rocks, too? Very nice.
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Not very often, really, only about every 45 minutes from 8:00 am until around 3:00 pm.......

Lavender Orps are gorgeous, but I like my Jersey Giants better..... still second fiddle to my BR's tho. First in the flock, first in my heart.
No it never gets old. They never ceases to amaze me the strange places I've found them. Even with 7 boxes for 12 hens any where there is a pile of hay they make a nest. ps I have horses so theres lots of hay floating around.
I have 3 ee's as part of my flock this year. When I found my first green egg I came running at a break-neck speed into the house screaming IT'S GREEN. IT'S GREEN I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S GREEN. My 3 teenagers and about a dozen of their friends were all subjected to having an egg shoved in their face by a 47 yo woman acting like a 10 yo.

I can't even put into words how I felt when one of the other ee's started laying blue.

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