Question(s) re: leftover powder from crumble feed.

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    Apr 12, 2016
    Hello all! I have been reviewing the recipes and threads that mention crumbles vs. pellets, and even the varieties of mash that exist in the different parts of the world, lol, but I couldn't locate a specific question.
    My crumbles [​IMG] produce quite a bit of powder, which I would like to use in a recipe for my crew to continue to get nutrients (and not waste food/money [​IMG]), so I ask those of you far more experienced in the chicken raising than myself(newbie only two months in)... Does anyone else do this? If so do you have suggestions on what to mix it with to have the fine powder actually stick to something?
    I recently had the experience of watching my neighbor (who is also new to raising chickens)run through various treatments with one of her chickens because the hen developed impacted crop -[​IMG] which I would love to avoid, but the powder being so fine and dry, it does concern me.
    I give them cabbage, apples (minus seeds thanks to some research from BYC [​IMG]), and yogurt, but only on occasion, like once or twice a week, alternating between "treats". I also my girls and my one dude approx. 1-1.5 cups of "scratch" per day that is a mix of the following. I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!
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    The simple way would be to just soak it in water to make an oatmeal consistency. Then feed it. If they are freaked out by wet food, soak it, then mix in with dry crumbles to make it more solid.
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