Mar 15, 2010
On the MN prairie.
Really it boils down to this - continue on with what you’re doing or don’t. A lot of people have given you a lot of good suggestions. Either try some of them or don’t. Keeping your chickens in the coop/run while you’re gone during the day is safer for them. They’re used to it, so I doubt they’ll be “angry”. Even if they are a bit unhappy about it, your other option is free ranging, even though you have known predators. You have to decide whether you want “unhappy” chickens or dead chickens.

If you choose to keep them locked up, they’ll be fine as long as they’re not too crowded. If you have extra hay or straw, spread a thin layer over the snow if they won’t go out in it. Or, when you clean your coop, spread the bedding out on the snow in the run. They’ll go out if you cover the snow.


Jul 6, 2020
Port St. Lucie Florida
But there is like dirt and wet rocks I can’t rlly take that out
I've been looking at all of your posts and I agree with them and I understand that you are doing all you can for your chickens and I see that they want you to change your coop and I do agree with the trying to keep the floor dry, I had some ppl tell me to change my coop but my parents said no and stuff, but you seem like you care for your animals and I think you are doing ok! ♥

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