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Mar 5, 2013
Ok guys I have a black bantam cochin who has 7 eggs in her nest box.
My question is that now she has laid 7 eggs , when will she go broody(last time i used an incubator results were bad that is why I am trying natural incubation). And she is so miniature in size how will she incubate all the eggs?is there anyway to make her broody quick? I am new in this. Whereas my family loves pets .
What I do is keep collecting the eggs and eating them, but keep golf balls or fake eggs in the nestboxes. That way when a hen goes broody I just put some eggs under her. I don't trust her with eggs until she has been broody for at least a week.

However, if this is your only hen, be aware that when they go broody they stop laying.

I don't know how many eggs a bantam cochin can successfully cover, but here is a story of a Nankin hen that hatched 10 chicks:
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First of all, to my knowledge there is no way to force a hen to go broody. They do it on their time, not yours and there is no guarantee it will happen anytime soon. I have one hen who only goes broody when someone else has chicks. It's like she doesn't get the memo until it's right under her nose, so to say. When it happens she will make sure you now that your presence is not welcome near the nesting box and she will hoard the eggs for herself if she has any. Be aware though, if you let her free range she may decide to have a nest and brood them in some secret location. I've had hens come out of hiding a few weeks after I thought something had gotten them with a whole clutch full of babies.

Not that it matters, but do you have a roo? If you do, and you really want chicks, try to figure out what went wrong the first time and incubate them again.
Well this is not my only hen. I have 3 cockerels and 3 hens of different breeds . All of them are laying eggs but no one is brooding them :/. I also have turkeys who are laying eggs.
Lets just forget this post. The 7 eggs were in the nest behind some plants. I let my chickens free and they lay eggs in some hidden place. I did not collect the eggs and let them stay there and now some crows attacked and took all the eggs.
Ok guys lets change the topic. Guys I have a pair of mandarin ducks and I don't know how to raise them? What specifications do they need to live and what do they eat? Right now I am feeding them red rice. Help

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