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6 Years
Jun 2, 2013
Apparently, bluejays have now raided my yard, and are nesting in our trees... Every time, these birds scream, my bantams panic and begin scattering, the bluejays are starting to dive at the bantams every chance one of them stray from the flock, yesterday, afternoon there was a bluejay, dead in the coop & feathers scattered everywhere I'm guessing the hens and the roo, teamed up and killed it.. Anyways, I was wondering If they would be able to kill my hens!?
Blue jays can be pretty aggressive, but it sounds like the bantams won the battle! I hope that ends the war for you....
I highly doubt a jay can take down and kill a chicken, even a bantam. They might harass and annoy it, but eventually the chickens will figure out they're bigger and fight back (which it sounds like they already have!)

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