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    I have a single egg from a set of shipped duck eggs that got wet from condensation during shipment. It has actually made it to lockdown on day 26. I am trying to figure out how much assistance this egg might need in hatching. It’s air cell has developed very wonky. I can even be sure how big this duckling is.

    Here are pictures of the drawn air cell as of today. I can use any thoughts or ideas on this. I didn’t even think it would make it this far.

    B195711D-16C8-465F-885A-2B490053443E.jpeg 449C3B9A-A3B9-462A-932B-B7483626B6CD.jpeg B741664C-65D5-4C86-B784-B82AD8A9E06F.jpeg 6F580690-46A2-4137-8984-B8A86BA67A7A.jpeg F0233D7B-C544-44AF-8B81-5CF0E2FDA442.jpeg
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    I have never hatched ducks, but I've had quite a few chickens with very, very iffy air cells that have managed to do just fine hatching on their own, if that puts you at ease. This guy might need some help, but maybe not. Watch to see where he pips and if it's in the right place, I'd guess he'll be okay.
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    Just lockdown and wait. Best wishes..:frow
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