Questions about a dying hen,.... :-(


11 Years
May 16, 2008
West Virginia
I have a three year old hen who is very sick. For the last few weeks I have noticed she was lethargic, and not eating as well. There hasn't been any changes in housing or flock,.. and everyone else in the flock seems to be doing very well. Since yesterday she has been humped up, tail down, and hesitant to move much. Not eating much to anything and haven't seen her in the waterer. I looked her over and only thing I noticed is that she seems swelled a little in her abdomen and she has a pasty vent area. I did see her poo and it was watery. Her head (comb) is very red, almost purple. I believe she might be egg bound,...she never has laid very well. Any other ideas?? I haven't had much experience with sick chickens so all help is greatly appreciated,...
She's probably egg bound. I've never had this problem, so that's my assumption. I heard that soaking them in warm water helps...Of course that's just what I heard. Hope she gets better!
I gave her a warm bath this afternoon because I read that too. So far nothing. I just went out and checked on her and she is asleep under the roost. She did get up and look at me,..which surprised me.
I haven't had this happen to me, but I did have one recently that had a prolapse. I would keep giving warm baths and massaging her belly. Good luck, it's hard when one of the girls gets sick...
When I gave her bath to her,..I noticed she didn't have much weight on her,..just her belly (abdomen), actually it is almost dragging the ground. She also stands with a wide stance, with her legs slightly apart. She looks upright almost,...I felt her belly and around her vent and felt nothing, just was soft. If she was egg bound wouldn't you feel something?? Maybe it is something else,..I don't know what,.....but......

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