Questions about a rescued duckling!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by countercanter, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Mar 1, 2014
    It's a long story, but due to some reckless friends, I now have a duckling. I named him Ed for now until I know his gender:) I'm not sure how old he is, but my guess is about a week (he's about the size of my hand).
    I couldn't find any sufficient food for him at any of the local petstores and so I've been preparing my own food (I know this is bad but it's all I can do). He has constant access to a mix of: hardboiled egg diced along with the shell crumbled on top, crushed freeze-dried meal worms, a little bit of cottage cheese, crumbled oatmeal, and some ripped up greens. I am hopefully getting brewers yeast either today or tomorrow, and I wet the food prior to giving it to him. What else should I add into his diet, and also at what age should I start feeding him regular pellets, not made for ducklings? Because I would have to order this online and an estimate of when I would need it would be helpful.
    Also, I've read that since he is not on chick starter he needs some kind of grit availible 24/7? What exactly is this and where can I find it?
    For the brooder I have a small-ish tub lined with newspaper and then paper towels on top, along with a toy chick and a small towel. For heat I keep a heating pad under the tub on low, and a warm light above it. At what age should I introduce him to water?
    Lastly, as for when he gets older I'm still not sure what to do. Once it gets warmer and he gets older I have the option of keeping him in a fenced in section of my backyard with shelter and a kiddy pool etc, but that can't be permanent sadly. I also have the option of bringing him to the barn where I ride and I think he would be happy around the horses and people and a clean kiddy pool every day, and I will be there everyday to make sure he is taken care of and feed him/change water etc. But I don't know how realistic that is at all, and so I thought I could also ask around some farms or even contact my spca.
    Oh, and I wanted to know if he would enjoy some hay as a bedding or something to chew on? I have access to that, but sadly not straw.
    Thank you so much to whoever read this, and I'm sorry for all my questions but I can't find many sites (other than this one of course) on raising ducklings!
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    Hi there. Ok, so you are keeping a one week old duckling. It will need supplemental heat for awhile... You should aim for 90'F for one week, 85'F next week, 80'F the following, and so on. I say in until feathered out 100%. A balanced duck feed from your Farm Store (TSC, Family Farm, etc) is your best bet. I'd avoid the egg shell myself.

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