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  1. mary24

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    Apr 18, 2011
    We are new to chickens and we got 7 on Friday. We were looking for 12 but will pick up the rest on Wednesday. 6 white leghorns and 1 golden comet (getting 5 more comets). We got these for eggs only. Will they still lay ok even without a rooster. I have heard both ways on this. We live in central Wi. and we have on old barn, would that be warm enough in the winter? And I was told to keep the food and water outside so you don't get mice and rats inside. We are planning on free ranging.
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    Yes they will lay without a rooster. My first two chickens didn't have a rooster for 4 months and gave me many eggs. [​IMG]
    Oh and I forgot, [​IMG] !
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    Quote:X2-yes, they will most definitely lay eggs without the rooster, his only job is to fertilize the eggs. And [​IMG]

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