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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by blueberry123, Aug 22, 2016.

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    Aug 21, 2016
    There are 4 eggs that you can hear chirping from the inside, and several more that seem to be fertile when candled. One of the eggs had just hatched and we left it to dry off and do its thing, but when we returned we learned that the hen seemed to have accidentally crushed it. We got a styrofoam incubator but for now we are letting the hen sit on the rest of the eggs. Is it normal for little mishaps to happen like this? Is it too late to move the chicks to the incubator and is that wise or would the eggs likely be better off with the hen? And if they should be moved, what happens when they hatch in the incubator? I'm afraid if we move them and they hatch overnight that they will be left alone for hours in it. And to clarify, the temperature should be set between 99.5 - 102 degrees farenheit? Thank you!
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    To be honest with you I think it is best to leave the eggs with mother, to late for the Incubator now and the environmental shock would probably kill them anyway. Leave "B", be patient and let nature take it's course this time. Next time I would go with the incubator and yes it will be a new experience, hopefully with good results.
    Good Luck.
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    I know this is over a day old, so hopefully all the chicks are out and about, but, it is never too late to take eggs from a nest and incubate if it is needed. Switching incubation method will not kill them. For future info, still air incubators need to be 101-102F (taken near the tops of the eggs) and forced air should be 99.5. Also humidity at lockdown/hatch should be at least 65%

    Anything can happen when they are hatching, from accidental, stompings to full out murder from bad broodies or coop mates. I prefer artificial incubation to broody hens, but most prefer to let the mommas do them if they have a broody.

    When you hatch in the incubator, they can stay in there for long amounts of time. Many people leave all the chicks in there until the hatch is over, up to 2 days. (I'm not a fan of this, I remove mine as they hatch.) Some move them to a brooder once they are fluffy/dry. And other's like me also move them sooner. When hatching in an incubator you need a brooder that is heated at ONE end to around 95F to place them in at some point between fresh hatch and 48 hours. Hope this helps for the future.

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