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Mar 11, 2010
so i was wondering when my goose gets older is it better to leave food and water in the coop or just water or none at all?
when you leave the water in the coop at night does it become messy?
should i feed my goose free choice or only feed her at a certain time (she will be in a big run during the day and aloud to free range a few days a week)
can geese eat out of a metal chicken feeder when they get older or is it to small for their bills?
and my last question is how long should i feed my gosling the chicks starter (she is a 3 week toulouse and it is 18% protein)
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Apr 15, 2009
I keep food and water outside the housing to save on cleaning. I started leaving their food and water outside at 5 weeks. They had access during the day, but were cut off through the night until morning. That is fine to do after they are greater than a week old. Mine have free limited access to their feed, meaning I only feed them a certain amount each day. They generally clean their dish out, but sometimes there is a little left over at night. Mine also have a large grazing area, so I feel they are getting plenty to eat. I limit their feed to prevent wasting, encourage grazing and keep rodents from eating the spilled feed. Beware of those metal feeders. There have been stories (complete with pictures) of ducks and geese getting their bills lopped off from the sharp edges on those feeders. I never use them after seeing two separate birds with half their upper bill missing due to them getting sliced off. Your Toulouse can go on grower formula at any time. She doesn't need starter anymore.

I think I answered all your questions. Good luck.

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