Questions about Hen hatching eggs!


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Mar 14, 2010
This is my first time letting one of my hens hatch eggs. So far she has two chicks and still sitting on 5 more eggs. She is in the coop in a nesting box with the eggs and chicks. There is no way for the chicks to get out of the box, it's about 6 inches off the coop floor. I don't want to move the hen yet incase she hatches anymore but I know the chicks now 24 and 48 hours old will need food and water. Any advice?

Also, once everyone is hatched am I to keep them and mom seperate and if so for how long? It's getting cold here at night should I put a heat lamp on them or will the hen be able to keep them warm enough? Sorry for all the questions, I didn't really think she'd hatch any but glad she did.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Sprinkle some feed in the nesting box, and put a VERY shallow water dish in there (I use the little plastic tray that's for using with a water bottle on a cage front). The babies should be fine with mama, as long as she has good instincts. Keep an eye on them, and make sure she's getting babies under her, and nobody is out shivering...


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They don't need heat, and they will be able to jump up or down 6" in a couple of days. And they don't actually need to eat or drink for about 72 hours; she will take them when it's time.

You might put a brick or something in front of the box so they will have a step if they need it, though they will probably jump over it.

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