Questions about molting and feather loss?


11 Years
Aug 10, 2008
Cuero Tx
I have a pullet that is almost a year old. I have noticed that she has been losing feathers underneath her. Now she barely has any underneath her and has lost most of her neck feathers. Is this molting or something else. Her skin looks ok and is a nice color and I have not seen any bugs. Also what would the mites or bugs look like if that is what is wrong?
Well it sounds very much like lice/fleas to me. It could also be red mite. Best treatment isclean out chook house, if it's in need of it, then when she's settling down at night dust her over with a good quality flea powder and try and work it into her feathers too. Then make sure you dust over all her shavings or what ever you have in the hut, paying particular attention to crooks, crannies and nest boxes.

Top this up on a regular basis so as there salways some flea powder in the hut and on her.

Also consider a means of dealing with red mite, diatom in the floor covering, creosote the hut inside.
Hi Chickens 112,
Do you have a photo? That will give people a better idea of what's up with your hen.

If she has lice, you can tell by turning her on her back and examining her vent area for eggs and lice. It does not sound like lice to me.

Just do a search for lice and you will get lots of info.

If she is losing feathers around her vent, are you certain the other chickens are not pecking her? She must be separated if they are.

It is an odd time to moult, but it is possible.
I have a similar situation and posted the other day about it but I'm still trying to figure it out...still interested to hear what people think. Mine are all loosing feathers under their chins and some by the base of their tales. Haven't been able to spot and bugs.

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