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  1. I'm full of questions tonight...I understand that there is no way to know how long a hen/chicken will molt, but is there any way to tell when a hen is done molting? I have a Black Tailed White Japanese Bantam that has stopped laying eggs (for about a week and a half now) due to a supposed molting...I've seen her feathers here and there in the coop...but I was wondering if there is any way that I can tell when she might be done molting. I'm anxious for her to start laying again. She was only laying eggs for about a month before she starting molting and stopped laying.

    Also, is there any estimated age when a hen will have her first molting (say a month or two after she starts laying)? [​IMG]
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    Just because she appears to be taking a break in her laying doesn't mean she is molting. if I understand correctly just a few feathers here and there doesn't constitute a molt as chickens routinely shed feathers often. As a rule of thumb it is not the right time of year for them to start a molt, mid-late summer is when the normally molt. If she truly is molting about half way through it there should be no question in your mind that she is molting because they really get pretty ragged looking. Chinkens go through cycles depending on the seasons for good reason.


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