Questions about processed birds...


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
We processed 2 more turkeys this evening - questions have now arisen!

1) - One of them has a bump right in the middle of it's chest - looks like a callus, like giant corn on someones foot (gross) Is this safe to eat? I was thinking that one could be made into sausage.

2) The other smells and looks fine - just like a processed bird should...but...during the course of the day it developed an issue. Neck turned to the side, almost as if it was stuck. Didn't pop anything when we cleaned it out - so it smelled like the others to me. But could this have been sour crop? Or Wry neck? Or just a crop full of grass because that is all they had access to east today? Should we worry and toss it out? We did this one last...and sanitized between birds....

Just curious. DH says they smell and look fine to eat...but I didn't know...figured I would check here.

Thanks as always for all info provided! I am googling stuff and reading for answers now, but still, hearing from ya'll is reassuring as you are live people and not some blog...idk why...

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