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  1. cjeanean

    cjeanean Can't Decide

    Mar 5, 2008
    I'm wondering how much it costs to get chickens tested/certified. I have 28 chickens and I'd like to get a certificate for them before my next order comes in, and although I know every vet is different can anyone give me a idea of the cost??? Thanks!!!!
  2. cjeanean

    cjeanean Can't Decide

    Mar 5, 2008
    Also, does anyone know of a website that would give me info on my state's regs for selling meat birds and hatching eggs???
  3. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    I had to try to find all this stuff, too... you need to check with your state's veterinarian. With our state's NPIP program, some of the testing is free. It just depends on what you need/want.
  4. cjeanean

    cjeanean Can't Decide

    Mar 5, 2008
    Did you have to pay for the testing??? Or were you able to get it for free?? Also, does anyone know if I have to register my property to get the NPIP certification??? I'm trying to steer clear of giving the govt info about me owning chickens, and although I'd like to sell chicks/hatching eggs I don't want to give them stuff they can use against me. Thanks!!
  5. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    NPIP and NAIS are two different things. My breeders are still chicks, so I haven't had them tested yet. Avian Influenza and Exotic Newcastle is funded by USDA, so it's free. The Pullorum testing is a blood test (according to Alaska's State vet's office) and I believe I have to pay for that - no, I don't know how much it is, yet. I believe you can sell locally, but if you plan on shipping, you will need the birds tested periodically.

    I'm still new to it all, so if I get my facts wrong, someone please let me know. But I've been in contact with my state's veterinarian and this is what I was told. I am only talking about NPIP... I don't get into NAIS discussions. [​IMG] But each state is probably a little different... you should contact your state's veterinarian's office to find out the facts for your area.
    [​IMG] good luck!
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  6. runamuck

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    Jan 8, 2008
    Northern michigan
    I'm a Pullurum tester here in michigan. It is a blood test that is done by mixing chicken blood with a serum and if it clots it a postive. In Michigan, We are allowed to charge what ever we feel we want to the state doesnt set the price. I personally charge gas + 1.00 a bird if your in 4h or going to fair I will test 10 birds for nothing and 1.00 after that. The serum is very expensive around 70 for it. And then there are the other supply on top of that. For everything it was around 100.00 plus theres a class fee .
  7. cjeanean

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    Mar 5, 2008
    Hmmm....I really want to get my birds tested!!! They're still young and came from the hatchery, but I think it might be a good idea, just in case I want to pursue selling them. If I can find someone who will charge $1 per bird that's not bad, I wouldn't mind paying that much, but any more than that I think would be a bit over my budget. I'm going to get a pullorum certificate from McMurray when my birds are sent, but for the first 28 I don't have anything since they came from the feed store which ordered from Estes.
  8. Rafter 7 Paint Horses

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    Jan 13, 2007
    East Texas
    It still baffles me about how different states handle these things.

    Here in Texas, the Pullorum/Typhoid test is funded by USDA and is free unless you plan to sell birds and eggs outside the state, then there is a $25.00 fee yearly.
    Chickens must be 14 - 16 weeks old to be tested. Turkeys have to have blood drawn and sent off for testing and the premise is quarantined until the results come back. Ducks do not have to be tested anymore, but when they were, it was done by rectal swab.
    The Avian Influenza is done by Texas Animal Health Commission and is free at the moment.
    Exotic Newcastle is part of the NPIP program, and is not free.
    I don't know what else is involved with NPIP, as I can't get straight answers from anybody yet.

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    NYREDS Crowing

    Jan 14, 2008
    It varies from state to state. Here in NY it is a free service provided by the State Dept of Ag & Markets. The tester comes to you, you don't have to take your birds any where.

    As to any concern about "registering" your property-if you have a mail box out front the government already knows where you are!
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  10. BonnieC3

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    Jul 5, 2011
    This is so frustrating! I've spent a lot of time online trying to find out my state's regulations. I can only assume "they" make it confusing on purpose. I've just started selling hatching eggs and wasn't aware of the regulations... then BAM! My world got shaken just like when I wanted to sell a couple piglets and found out about new regulations on that. I want to test so all is legal, even thought my state has been certified Pullorum free sense the 1970's, but I DON'T want the government on my farm! I've seen the test kits online, so can I do my own testing for selling out of state?

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