Questions about raising debeaked chicks.


10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
East Texas
Let me start with....I did not order these chicks debeaked. They were an oopsy shipment, but they are here and they are now my responsibility.

Okay I have questions about keeping these little guys. I've never had a debeaked chicken let alone chicks! Do I need to soften their food? Do they need a special type of feed? Do they need any medicine for their beaks? Later on will they be able to free range? Will they be able to pick up pellets, crumbles, cracked corn and etc when mature?

I'm sorry just never had debeaked ones before and I'm feeling like a complete newbie again, lol.
I wouldn't think they need anything special, as large commercial places raise thousands of them. I can't imagine them doing anything unusual. The only thing I've ever heard on debeked older birds is to make sure the feed is deep enough they can scoop, rather than being able to pick up smaller pieces.

Good luck with your babies!

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