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Jan 29, 2011
So I have a three year sex links hen that is sitting on eggs. She's done this before but I didn't have a rooster at the time so this is her first time actually sitting on eggs that will hatch.. I found her sitting on the eggs about two weeks ago and by the number of eggs she had and I had forgot to get eggs I think it had been about a week that she was sitting on them..

She keeps pooping on the eggs and it's realllly smelly
She doesn't get off the eggs unless i take her off and put her by he food
She's cracked two eggs and eatin the chicks that were inside of them because all I found was the egg shell and some of the yoke that was still there is this stuff normal? And when the chicks hatch will she eat them too and will the poop on the eggs kill the chicks inside??
All the behaviors are normal for broody hens. My Black Sex-Link has gone broody several times. The hens eat the eggs to satisfy her appetite (as she's not eating), but will not eat the chicks.

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