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  1. Hello ,

    My DH ask me some questions tonight that i just don't know about so i came here to ask all you experts that show chickens.

    DH has Black Roosecombs and wants to show them .

    where to go from there?

    How do you go about showing your chickens at shows , what steps do you take.

    Where can a person find out where all the shows are happening ?

    Any info you may have on this subject will be greatly appreciated .

    Thanks ,


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    Jan 20, 2009
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    Hi Fay...I'm just getting into showing also and I have found alot just googling showing chickens. There is still a lot I need to learn yet and we are going to showing our silkies this next fall. My friend shows hers alot and she keeps hers all in separate cages (not little ones but ones they can move round nicely in) so they don't get picked on and their feathers stay nice. I will try and find the site that helped me out and post it here. You may get some help on other chicken show experts here too.
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    There's a show March 21st in Cape Girardeau, The Heartland Classic. The entries need to be postmarked by the 9th. Google the show name and one of the sights will have an entry form.

    To show you need to know the age of your bird. Over a year is a cock or hen. Under a year is a pullet or cockerel. Dust your birds to keep them free of bugs and trim their toe nails. File the spurs down so they are not sharp and keep the feathers nice and tight. Try to avoid transporting your birds in a wire cage as the wire can harm the feathers. Pet taxis and show boxes work best.

    If you do not have leg bands, the show usually has someone there selling poultry supplies and you can get the size you want there.

    Your birds will need to be tested for p/t. I'm not sure the show will have someone there. The sedalia show on April 18th has someone from the state there to test birds. It is also a double show, meaning two different sets of judges on the same day.

    Even if you do not get an entry in, you should come on down and see how the show works. Feel free to ask questions and take in everything. Then you can go to the Sedalia show well prepared.

    The thing all people who show should want to do is learn something every time out and get your birds to be competitive.
  5. Hangin Wit My Peeps , Thanks for the tip on the cage for transporting . I agree don't want their feathers messed up in anyway. Will try googling showing chickens and see what i can find , Thanks [​IMG]

    moduckman , We will try to attend the show , i do beleive you could learn a lot by just attending them.So hopefully we will be going to our first chicken show soon [​IMG]
    Thanks for all the wonderful info we really appreciate it .
    I totally agree with what you said - (The thing all people who show should want to do is learn something every time out and get your birds to be competitive.)
    DH is really into wanting to learn all he can to show and keep learning.He has wanted to do this for years but has always been so busy with other things and now wanting to take some time for himself to do what he is interested in and thats showing birds at chicken shows , so i think its great !
    Thanks Again ! [​IMG]

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