Questions about silkie chicks


10 Years
Apr 25, 2009
Hello, I have 7 silkie chicks that I have questions about. They are getting wing feathers but that's all so far. They will be 2 weeks on Monday. I also have 9 EE chicks and compared to the silkie's they are growing at a much larger pace. They are getting back feathers, tail feathers and have quite a bit of wing feathers already, same age. I'm sure the size is just because they are a smaller chicken but is the little wing growth ok? Some of them are growing wings faster then their siblings too. The feathers that are there are a bit surprising to me because they look like regular feathers almost. Not what I was expecting. This is my first time with silkie's. Is this normal for their age so far? Thanks
Silkies tend to grow feathers at a smaller pace.I have one 2 month old now and I thought for sure was gonna be a roo but now she is getting her stancy lil round head and puffy girly butt.I dont think my 4 adult roo's ever outgrew the spikey head's lol.I have a Showgirl also I would have thought hen for sure 5 months ago.Weeeeeee Medusa is a ROOO Gaaaaaaaa.Anyway I still love I call him just DUSA Now.I just hatched 2 newbie silkies this week not even gonna contemplate their sex.
fun times, huh?
Didn't know that. Just wanted to add my silkies took way longer to develop than my other birds. They will fluff out all in due time. About the slower the maturing the higher quality birds, does that mean that the ones I got from tackle hatches are good quality then? They took forever.

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