questions about size of my ducks


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
i have two male pekins i got from a woman that had to get rid of them. i see in the magazines that there are jumbos, and the standard size.. these two boys are very big, but i dont have a clue if this is the standard size or jumbo.. i dont know how much they weigh. i was going to get two hens from someone but im not sure how big they are. if my boys are jumbo, and the girls are the standards will that be ok or are the boys going to be too big for them?
For starters, you need to have one male for every 3-4 females to avoid attacks and over-mating, or you can keep same sex groups that shouldn't have a problem.

Could you get a photo of the the drakes?
Ditto HamandLily,

and if you can take pictures, could you (yes, I ask huge favors sometimes) take them next to someone or something so we can get an idea of how big is big? Like, if they're next to a fence, and you can tell us how tall the fence is kind of thing.

Most of the time, at least three girls per boy is safer. And I am very concerned when there are larger males and smaller females involved. Duck sex can be rough, and can hurt or kill a duck in the case of too many drakes, an aggressive drake, a large drake. Not often, but it has happened.

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