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Dec 29, 2011
Prince George, BC, Canada
My Coop
My Coop
So i've done my research have a design in mind and will begin the process of building my first coop. I'll post updates to this thread from time to time and welcome advice, considerations, and encouragement.

These two cabinets, left in the garage by the previous homeowners, will become our modest, cozy, 3' by 6' coop. Here's my oldest "chicken" doing his best impression of a hen. Looks like a meat bird


Not sure where the time is going to come from but with cold weather approaching there's no rush.

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We will all be waiting for the pics and updates.

It is an interesting idea for sure.
What kind of meat bird is that one in the pic? I don't think I have seen one of those before.
I've framed the roof. Still not sure if I'm going with plastic wavy clear/green roofing or tin or ?.

Pop door works, although it snags a little so I'm going to have to disassemble it to fix it (might paint it a different colour at the same time,)

On a non-building note, I've found someone selling 2 eight month old buff orpintons. However with a forcast of -11F next week I don't think I can skip adding insulation ;)
Well it's finally warmed up somewhat so I was able to add a window that can open to provide some extra ventilation at the high end of the single sloping roof:

And, although I don't know exactly how high the nests are going to sit, I've added framing for an egg door. The hole has yet to be cut but I'm hoping to be able to change out the water/food through this door as well. Is that a wise idea?
Here's a look from the inside after popping a hole through and adding insulation

Here it is covered up and another piece of left over furniture will become the nest boxes. It's MDF so it likely won't hold up, but that's ok, I'll just replace it when the time comes.

Yay, it looks more like a coop than a shed now!
K, here's the interior, but I just want someone to tell me that this is ok, or if there's a better way to lay this out?

Is the first step up too steep? (I will add little pieces for them to grip on to)

You might want to put the nest boxes outside that way your birds will have more room inside. If there's room, the birds will roost on the nest boxes where they are now.

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