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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by NanaKat, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. NanaKat

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    Recently purchased 16 chicks at Atwoods in Shawnee. supplier may have been Murray McMurray.
    Three have crests and look like they will be either golden lace or buff colored. At two weeks old, the crests are becoming more feathered.
    Are Crested Polish standard or bantom? They are a little smaller than the Barred Rock and Australorp chicks.
    If these are crossbreeds (which sometimes happens), what do I look for to determine roo or hen?
    Are there any feed considerations for these very healthy babies when they are older?

    Even if they are not big egg producers, they are darling additions to my little flock.
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    Oct 19, 2009
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    Trust me, they will be big egg producers. Mine are, and they're from Murray McMurray. It is the hatchery's job to turn any type of chicken into an egg laying machine. [​IMG]

    As for size, Polish, like almost any other breed, can be available in both bantam and standard/large fowl. Their feeding is the same as any other breed. Standard sized Polish will indeed be a little smaller than your other breeds, especially if from a hatchery. Some hatcheries have awfully skinny, small Polish.
  3. NanaKat

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    Thank you for that quick reply.
    The babies seemed too big to be bantam. I selected from a straight run chick bin and there were some really tiny ones in that bin that probaby should have been in a bantam some got mixed in by mistake. I like the crested ones...sucker for cute.
    I filled out the sixteen after picking out some pullets.
  4. bantyshanty

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    I have several bantam Polish. I can't speak for the large breed, but my bantam Polish are great layers, never missing a day.

    Yours sound like standards. Handle them often when they're young and it may help them to not be flighty later. Some are flighty, some are calm, all are lovely. Good luck!
  5. NanaKat

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    Quote:Thanks for that advice...I like to spoil the babies.

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