Questions on Incubating Techniques for HOVABATOR 1588 Forced Air

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    HI ALL!

    I bought TWO (2) 1588s. One with turner for the first 18 days. The second w/ no turner for lockdown, but I will be putting the eggs on egg cartons with the bottoms cut out. This is to allow the eggs ventilation and keep them from rolling around - so the birds don't get exhausted having to readjust themselves to get out and for me to get a better eye on the zip, correct?

    I understand dry incubation is a good idea for the first 18 days (so extra liquid w/in the egg evaporates, not allowing the chicks to get too large that they either can't get out or end up drowning coz not enough liquid evaporated), then humidity no more than 55% during lockdown, just enough to keep the birds wet so then can adjust to pip w/o getting stuck in the egg.

    The 1588 maintains a consistant temperature for 99.5F, but I guess I still need at least two thermometers in there just to make sure the temp is consistent? Also two hygrometers as well? I bought two of these:
    But looks like I may go to Petco and get an analog one as well for a back up reading.

    1588 for LOCKDOWN - I understand I may have to keep the humidity higher than 55% because force ventilation can dry egg out more vs. still air?

    Thanks everyone for your input!

    Ref: Incubation.htm

    Ah yes, just to make sure I got it for storing eggs PRIOR to incubation:
    Store in egg carton, in a cool; dry place, LARGE SIDE UP.
    Brick under one end, rotating ends twice a day.
    Eggs are good for 10 ten days, then I'll put all eggs that have been collected w/in a 10 day span in the incubator.

    I'll store the next set of egg collected in 10 days and just keep filling up the bator until I can't put anymore in I guess.
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    Cool - you'll love the 1588s, I sure do! [​IMG] I used to mess around with thermometers, and hygrometers all the time the first year that I incubated, but this year I got lazy and left them out altogether. I have not noticed any difference in hatch rates, etc. With the plastic liner that comes with the 1588, you fill one inner well during incubation and both large wells during lockdown. The other smaller side wells are there in case it is particularly dry in your house.

    I do find that the membranes dry out really bad with the forced air once the chick pips the shell, but if you play around with where you put the eggs, and try not to put them where they are in direct line of air flow it's better.

    When you are storing your eggs prior to incubating them, you want to turn them an odd number of times per day. OR if you do it exactly every 12 hours, twice a day is fine too. [​IMG]

    Good luck!!

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