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    I set my first batch of eggs today around noon... when is my lockdown
    I was told to turn the eggs three times a day when i wake up lunch and before bed is this true?
    When i put the eggs in the temp went down like it should but how long will it take tocome back up?
    Any other tips or suggestions are welcome!
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    lockdown is usually for about the last week of incubation. during lockdown, you shouldn't open the incubator unless you have too or handle the eggs.
    turn the eggs at least three times a day, morning, noon, and night, accept during lockdown.
    the temp should be back up by tomorrow, which is fine for the eggs.
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    Feb 10, 2011
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    for chickens lockdown typically starts on day 18
  4. gryeyes

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    After you set the eggs in the incubator, you should leave the incubator settings alone for about 24 hours, to let the eggs get to the correct temperature. It takes a while. If you start messing with the temp settings on the 'bator during that period, you will be forever adjusting it.

    Same temp and humidity for 18 days. Turn them at least 3 times, or an odd number of times, so they don't lay in the same position the longest time overnight as they did the night before. (IF that makes sense. It is why some folks mark X on one side and O on the other, so they can tell really easily with a quick visual check that they've turned them all.)

    Lockdown is for the last 3 or however many days it takes to hatch. Which can vary; 21 days is the AVERAGE incubation time, so some may hatch before then, some may hatch after that time.

    During lockdown, humidity is raised and turning STOPS. Don't open the incubator if any eggs have pipped or zipped, even to take out hatchlings. They can stay in the incubator up to 3 days, although most folks take 'em out after 12 - 24 hours, if there are no pipped or zipped eggs at the time they open the 'bator.

    Happy hatching!

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