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    Jul 8, 2007
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    I'm new to chickens and I have some questions [​IMG] .First, I'm wondering when chickens start laying. Mine are 7 months and are not laying. I'm also feeding them lay crumble. Second, are they not laying cause its too hot? And last, are BRs and RIRs bantams because they are tiny? [​IMG]

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    Feb 25, 2007
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    They should be laying by 7 months. Most breeds start by 6 months, some start latter, But Barred Rocks and RIRs are great layers. They normally start at around 6 months. The heat isn't helping. Make sure they have plenty of shade and water. They also could be hding or eating the eggs so check ofen. Both Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds are big breed chickens getting up to 7-8 pounds and bantams which don't get above 3 pounds. If they are bantams then they might start laying latter than their bigger sisters. I've never owned Bantam Barred Rocks and RIRs so I'm not sure.

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