Quick fowl pox questions

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    It looks like my bantam RIR might have the start of dry fowl pox. I see some small spots on her comb. I understand there is no cure. One question is... Do the spots clear up later, or do the comb and waddles stay forever damaged after the pox is done? Will she ever look the same as before. I've seen some pretty awful pics on here of pox sores, and I never read if it totally clears up or not.

    Second... I know there's not much that can be done about dry pox, but if I ever experience wet pox in my flock can anything be done for that, any meds for it?

    Thanks all!

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    The scabs will eventually go away. Sometimes there may be a light mark where the pox was, but usually not. Even though there is no cure for fowlpox, make sure the birds' immune systems are aided while they are still sick. Here's a great article on that: http://hoeggerfarmyard.com/how-to-easily-diagnose-and-treat-fowl-pox/

    There is no cure for the wet pox either. Make sure to vaccinate any new birds coming onto your property as the pox is very contagious.
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    Sep 22, 2015
    It is possible that if you have others with the chicken with "fowl pox" they may just be fighting and there won't be any fowl pox problems. The black spots are just how the blood clots and it will go away just like scabs. I have run into fowl pox once, the black spots swell up big quick, if they do get the infected chicken away from the rest of the flock. Mosquitoes transmit fowl pox so keep the chicken away from places that mosquitoes can get to them. The mosquitoes don't give the diseases, they just spread them. Keep the infected one away. Your description just sounds more like just some fighting going on other then a disease going around your flock. Don't worry it'll probably just turn out fine and you won't have it but if so follow what I said and your chickens will turn out fine.

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