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Jun 15, 2017
Priest River Idaho
Just a quick hello. As a newbie to raising chickens I have really enjoyed searching up information and often the results have led to this website and forums.

We're in Northern Idaho, and just finished the coop. We still have to finish the hardware cloth for the run, but we moved the five and six week old chicks into the coop yesterday. They had taken to escaping our plastic play pool/cardboard box and screen door brooder in the house, so it was time!

Temps here are still dipping into low 40's and even 38F the other night, but warmer temps are forecasted so they should be fine in the coop.

We have 4 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Barred Rocks and 4 Golden Laced Wyondottes. The coop is about 5x8 and the fenced in run gives them 8x10 under roof. They then have a fenced free run area of about 1500 sqft once they're bigger and more than an acre if they want to go beyond that.

Hopefully the pics come through. My first attempt at a coop. This was originally a two sided loafing shed for horses. I removed the pony walls and left the 4x4's and the roof, the rest was built with new and used/scrap lumber.



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Hope you have some hardware cloth protecting the open area, where you have a window. You don't want to make it easy for predators to get in. Do you have any other ventilation in the coop?
Yes, there's 1/4 inch hardware cloth on the windows and a finer mesh as well to discourage wasps.

There are vent holes all along under the roof on both high and low sides.

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