Quick question about lockdown..


9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Pickens, SC
so, I know you don't have to turn the eggs the last 3 days and increase humidity. I was worried about the chicks having room in there once they hatch. So I was wondering..when I get to lockdown and have to increase humidity, should I just take the automatic turner out and let the eggs just lay on the wire bottom? I only have 11 eggs setting and my turner is the kind that has the "finger-like" things holding the eggs up. Just wondering if anyone had advice.
No leave them in the turner, it is better to keep the eggs in one position. When they are laying on the screen the first hatched will knock the other eggs around and make it more difficult for them to stay in a hatching position.
I have two of those same turners, with the plastic "fingers" holding the eggs. Definitely take the eggs out of that turner! It's a great turner, except when the chicks hatch those fingers are perfect for catching newly hatched chicks by the ankle and permanently giving them "splayed legs."

Take a styrofoam egg carton, cut the the bottoms out, thoroughly sterilize it with bleach water, and then thoroughly rinse until it doesn't smell like bleach. Put the eggs in it on the wire screen. And then DO NOT open the incubator until they're done hatching, as tempting as it may be!
Thanks soo much! I'm only at the end of day 2 but I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row..or I suppose I should say chicks instead of ducks lol...the egg carton is a great solution to keeping them in the right position while getting them out of the turner

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