Quick Question, Round worms...


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
I'm aware that a dog that used to live in our backyard had round worms. Obviously all the poo is picked up, but I'm told round worms can live quite some time in a yard.

Should this be a concern, or red flag for me on allowing the ladies to free range in the yard?

Thanks !
Are your chickens caged or in a coop walking on dirt? If they've had contact with dirt,more than likely they have worms anyway. It's just a fact of life;worms are in the soil, insects,earthworms,grass etc... If you've had a cold winter like we have, I'm not so sure roundworms could survive in the cold. Maybe someone here with better knowledge on this subject could give you a better answer than me.
I believe the worms are species specific. The name of round worm (Ascaridia galli) would indicate that it is specific to chickens. I would be far more concerned about worms, germs, that wild birds might carry. Obviously you can't build a bubble to cover your yard, so either have a fecal float done if you suspect worms, or have a regular worming program if this concerns you.

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