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  1. SilkieMan

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    Jun 21, 2011
    I have 3 eggs that are each a day apart. The "oldest" embryo goes on lockdown tomorrow. That's when the turning is stopped correct? But anyways, I have automatic turners. Do I put something under the egg (I have ideas on what to put under) in the morning or the afternoon? Embryo is big and healthy. Barely can see in the egg it's so big!

  2. acw123

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    Mar 31, 2011
    In the past when it was lockdown time I would remove the eggs from the turner and put them in a eggcarton container (cut down to half size) so that the egg would be held still and upright. I keep two incubators one for incubating and one for lockdown so I don't run into the problem of having to open the incubator once lockdown has begun with an egg. If you have to keep the hatching eggs in with the turning eggs I would suggest removing unneeded turner rails and setting the egg inside a clear plastic strawberry container so that when it hatches it doesn't get caught in still moving turner rails that have not been removed or knock over the unhatched eggs. Also, I place the nonskid liners that are used for shelves and drawers to place on the metal grate. Found mine at WalMart. The work great as gives the chicks traction but since it is somewhat of a grid still good circulation.
    Good luck, hope this helped.

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