Quick questions about my broody


9 Years
May 4, 2010
When they hatch, I MIGHT be at school. Do you think she will do a good enough job of protecting them from the other chickens? (she is a Back Cochin Bantam, I know the Silkies wont try and fight her or harm the babies, I'm just wondering if one of the bigger chickens or roosters will try to)

Since she started laying on Sunday, and it takes 3 weeks, will it be on this upcoming Sunday?

We have a rooster, two to be exact, and I've seen one of them mating a lot with her - Do you think her eggs are fertile?
Yes, she will protect them from other chickens. She will often keep sitting on the nest for 2-3 days after the first one hatches, so you don't have to worry about her getting up right away. If you're worried - move her to a safe pen. I prefer to keep my broody seperate from the flock for many reasons.

As for your 2nd questions - huh? You mean she just went broody on Sunday? Then it will be 21 days from the time she went broody. If she just started laying eggs a week ago, it may take a few weeks before they go broody for the first time.

Yes, her eggs are probably fertile, but you should candle them at 7-10 days to be sure.
The closest Sunday, the one coming up, will mark the 2 week period. And then the NEXT Sunday will officially be 3 weeks exactly (21 days).

What do you mean by candling them?
I just had my broody hatch her egg, I would move her to a place where the other chickens can not get to her.
count 21 days from the day she started sitting one the eggs. that should be the time they start to hatch,
If the rooster has mated with her, her eggs can and are fertile up to 2 weeks after the last matting,

I was wondering how long has she been laying eggs also have you made sure that the other hens are not laying eggs in her nest. I would make sure that you mark the eggs that she is sitting on. and move her to another place even a small dog crate with fencing around it to keep the other chickens away from her.
You might want to run a search on candling because it's a learning process. (I prefer the Search button on the blue bar upper left, as opposed to the Google search on the upper right). You'll probably find some threads with links and pictures to help you.

Basically you take a flashlight down to the coop at night. Grab an egg from under your broody and put the egg right up against the flashlight, at 14 days gestation you should see the air cell, some clearish areas, some blood veins and a lot of dark area and some movement from a developing chick. That's a fertile, healthy developing egg. Put it back under the broody. If you see a blood ring or clear egg, remove those - they won't hatch.

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