Quickest way to get rid of mites? Plese help!

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    Hello! We have 25 chickens. A few months ago they had northern fowl mites. They have not lain eggs for several months and their ages are 1-3. When they had mites before we tried various product including poultry shield, an orange spray, garlic, sevin dust, and DE. There were still black dots around one hens vent feathers after we had sprayed them so I thought that the mites were dead. We have not lost any chickens to mites. When I was out there today with the hens, I saw lots and lots of mites crawling on the back of one of our hens who is not very healthy right now. We also have some sheep, ducks, dogs, and a few other critters. Will the mites affect them? We live in a colder climate. The temperatures had been pretty cold ( 20 to 30 F) but it has gotten really warm in the past few day.(30 to 50 F) What is the quickest way to get rid a the mites completely? Thank you so much!!!!!
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    When you've been dusting, have you been repeating in seven to ten days to kill the mites that hatched since the last dusting? It's also important to clean out the coop and hit that with whatever you are using too. For that you might want to use liquid permethrin, since it can get into all the nooks and crannies. It's important to get the birds, and the same days clean out all the areas the mites might be living off the birds and dust or spray them down too. Then repeat again in ten days, then again if necessary. It sounds like you're not killing them all in the environment and they're reinfesting your birds after you dust.

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