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    Oct 27, 2015
    Ok everyone, I need some advice! I have just purchased 5 hyaline red hens that I was told were laying. They are supposed to be over a year old but not two yet. I have had them 9 days and I have not gotten an egg yet. I understand it can take quite a while for hens to get comfortable in their new home, possibly a month. But is it normal for hens to be quiet? I didn't hear a single bird make a noise until they had been at the house 5 days. One hen appears sickly but no obvious signs other than being lethargic. I'm planning to worm them tonight with Weizine 17 and again in a few days with Albazen (sp) because I'm certain they had not been wormed previously. I'm also planning to add DE into their pen so that any lice or mites can be treated. Does this seem appropriate? And is their lack of noise a sign that they aren't comfortable or other underlying causes? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    They are quiet because they are scared and don't know where they are, eventually they should start to feel comfortable. At their age they have either just molted or are about to molt which can make them feel unwell, I've never wormed any of my chickens nor do I like DE so I can't comment on those. I don't know anything about your set up but some things like overhead cover can make chickens feel more comfortable.

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