Quiet Rooster breeds?


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
South Carolina
I am having an issue with loud crowing. I live in a residential area and I sold my silver Phoenix roo because he crows through the night and it's extremely loud. I'm down to a rir mix and a BLRW roo. My husband informed he could hear the rir mix long before the sun rose last night. I want to keep a roo in my large fowl flock. But my neighbors said a few are crowing at night time when they are trying to sleep. I need to keep peace with my neighbors.
You're going to have issues with crowing no matter what breed. There are a few Serama's that have a quiet, squeaky little crow but they are hardly big enough to put out with a large breed flock. What is your coop like? Your issue may not be which rooster to use, it may be that you need total darkness where your chickens sleep. Even moonlight will set off most rooster but if you live in town, the pole lights will keep them, and your neighbors up all night.

You might consider a ventilated but totally dark are for roosting then you might be able to control the hour of morning your rooster begins to crow. Some neighbors may not like crowing at any time of the day though so you may not be able to keep a rooster. Most cities and towns that have ordinances to allow residents to keep poultry will not allow roosters so you might check before trying another rooster too. If your purpose for wanting a rooster is hen happiness, they will lay regardless. If you want chicks, it's easier to buy hatching eggs or day old chicks. You can even let a hen, with no rooster, who has gone broody to set fertile eggs you buy or slip infertile eggs out after a couple of weeks and give her day old chicks to raise.
No such roo

Both my boys only crow in the morning when their light goes on, so a lot of it is dependent upon the individual rooster.

My Barred rock boy crows a lot when outside. My silkie crows a lot in the morning, but not a whole lot otherwise.
Crowing is fine. It's just at night or the really high pitched kind. My seramas sleep through the night and are not very loud when they do crow. I think the part about light is my issue. This didn't start until recent. They've been free ranging. Before they were in their coop and didn't see the street light...

I'm going to try putting them up at night and restricting them to their coop until I wake up.
I have a rooster that crows randomly at night too-- I live quite a ways out in the country, way out where there's no light for him to be awake to. He just likes to crow at night sometimes! He'd usually start around 3am, even on pitch black moonless mornings...

What I did is I put some sound-absorbing materials in the coop. My parents were throwing away a bunch of acoustic absorbing ceiling tiles and to we lined the inside roof of the coop with them, they are high enough that the chickens can't peck or eat them. They were free, and they helped a lot. My coop has double wall 2x4 construction so the walls are pretty insulated. The vents... well, we need ventilation so there's not much to help that. We also keep him in the coop until a reasonable time of the morning, around 7am, when most folks are up or getting up anyhow (the school bus comes through about 7am so I figured it was a pretty safe time). I can still hear him when he crows in the coop now, but it's much quieter, and you can't hear it up or down the road.

I gave my neighbors some eggs to make peace for the week or two before I fixed the problem!
My barnevelder is super quiet we rarely ever hear him. The breed is supposed to be really tame and he's a total sweetie. He was hand raised and freeranges with 2 girls we've only heard him crow at full volume when a cat strayed into our yard. Also if you have a loud roo I would recommend the no crow collars

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