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    I let the chick out Quilla is still pecking a little at him (it) then she sat down like she wanted to be bred? What do y'all think? I think she says "Quit following me!" and then pecks at him.
  2. Dnkfarm, could you post a summary of the background of this? Could you briefly explain the relationship between the ‘players’?

    Sadly, the word that came to mind was ‘derangement.' In my case, wheat causes a significant derangement of the natural dynamic here at my place.

    Perhaps – no criticism meant, and despite the general success of the captive birds’ environments – we forget how artificial the pets’ environments are, things such as the fences (though the areas be elegantly sufficient in size etc.), and the assumption that any male and female might/should breed if penned together, and how the birds pass their time if they don’t need to forage almost constantly etc. etc.

    My point is that, sadly, perhaps sometimes the environment sends too many of the ‘natural dynamics’ into a tailspin, and we just can’t make reasonable guesses about how these birds are gonna behave.

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  3. I hope I haven't sent this thread into a tailspin. Dnkfarm would really like some help with her problem, and it's those with pets who can help her.

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  4. sounds like the typical "establishing the pecking order" to me.. Quilla pecks at him/her to say.. "Hey kid.. I'm the boss around here" then settles down . I doubt it's breeding behavior since it's the wrong time of year here in the states

    When I let the younger birds out with the older ones the same sort of thing went on.. the older birds pecking at the younger ones.. not fighting them (no kicking or attacking with feet). it was almost a mix between grooming behavior (mild pecks at the feathers) to a bit harder pecks letting the youngsters know who was boss.
    If a chicken gets out of their coop and enters the emu's area it's a whole different behavior.. attacking with feet.. grabbing the chicken and lifting them off the ground and chasing. So I don't think there's a problem between Quilla and the baby if all Quilla is doing is a little bit of pecking.
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