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Okay, if the soapers can start a thread to include links to soap supplies, why can't we start one with links to fabrics and patterns online:
Either add your favorite on-line link or PM it to me and I will add it to the thread for you. Even if the dates are old, the websites and places to research are contemporary.

Here is one of my favorites and she is running a batik sale until Sept 27, 2009. There are great nice quality 100 % cotton quilt fabrics at very reasonable prices and their shipping is always reasonable and quick.


Update: I've been trying to copy links that our creative quilters have listed in other threads to one place. If I've missed someone's favorite link, feel free to add your links.
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I just saw an all organic fabric online shop specifically for quilters in a magazine I was reading a couple days ago. I'll come back with the link.
I bought a half yard of the cream background with the red shoes..very pretty!! I may make a few dresdens with it..have to keep one and put in my own quilt, lol!
I'm making my sil a Wizard of Oz quilt for her 40th birthday. I got the Sepia panel from Under the Rainbow and the newest panel with the witch and the flying monkey fabric. I bought enough of some munchkin fabric to make my youngest a pillow case and I'm going to get her the movie for Christmas (she loves the munchkinland scene). I've been oh lets say just a tad bit obsessed with the WOZ stuff. I have a good stash but alot of it was given to me so this is the first fabric line I've gotten into. I am going to be so jealous having to let go of this quilt. lol

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