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Chicken Woman

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Oct 16, 2008
*Coordinator: Chicken Woman

Please pay close attention to the statements in BOLD colored lettering.

Here is how it will work:

"Fat Quarter". A fat quarter of fabric is 1/2 the width of the fabric (usually about 22 inches) by a 1/2 yard of length or 18 inches. A piece of cotton measuring 18" x 22" inches is what is generally referred to by the term Fat Quarter.
Fat quarters are a great way for any quilter to accumulate a fabric stash with great variety due to the generally lower costs involved in acquring multiple pieces of fabric.

Each piece must be prewashed 17 by 20 inches. or 18 by 22 unwashed You will send 4 fat Quarters of different prints.

*Fabrics must be 100% cotton !

*You must be 18 yrs. old or older to participate in this swap.

*You must PM me your addy by the 9th of the month or your name will be removed from the list
I shouldn't have to chase anyone around trying to get their addy. This is your responsibility.

*Folks can sign up for one month and not the next, for however long we continue. No need to promise to be here sewing for a year. One month at a time!

You may sign up more than once if you want.


I will update this first post each month. You will need to sign up by the 10th of July to be in the swap...no exceptions.

Feel free to chat and/or swap fabric pieces as needed on this thread. Blocks and fabric pieces can easily be popped into an envelope making postage not too big of an issue. Please contact me to if you want to drop out or join up.

You can drop out and join at any point along the way, but you MUST send out the fat quarters that you committed to after the 10th of the month.
Thank You

BYC, and staff are not responsible for what happens within this swap and that people should only swap if they are comfortable knowing they might not get fat quarters in return. (Mail or failure on the part of one person to send one) I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Please PM Chicken Woman if there are any failures.

I will add your name as many times as you want but will need to add you as others sign up.

This go round I will, again, start with an empty list. If you would like to be in the July Fat Quarter Swap , please post letting me know you would like to be added.

Let's all have a great time.

PLEASE use 100% cotton fabric.

Thank you all for your participation in the swap

You will send to the person below you.

Crumples 1
CedarRidgeChicks 1
CluckyChikn 1
prairiegirl 1
Ma_Kettle 1
chicken woman 1
Acre 1
chicken woman 2
CedarRidgeChicks 2
ginbart 1
Acre 2
CoyoteMagic 1
CedarRidgeChicks 3
Queen Scoot 1
chicken woman 3
CluckyChikn 2
lunachick 1
chicken woman 4
CluckyChikn 3
Crumples 2
nanakat 3
sis 1
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Jul 6, 2008
Chicken Woman, I was just thinking about this very thing this week. Great idea. I would like to join in for July.
Can I clarify, please - there is no color or theme for the fabric. Also, we are not sending them all to you for distribution, but to a chosen swapper. Just want to make sure I know what I'm doing.

Thanks for being the hostess of this swap.


Chicken Woman

Incredible Egg
11 Years
Oct 16, 2008
You send to the person under you .there is no theme or colors.
I will not be distributing ! That's why it says PM your addy to me so I can give it to the person sending to you.

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