Quitters? Scrambled?


9 Years
Jul 29, 2010
Aledo, TX
Hi all -

I got 24 eggs off ebay and I think the PO scrambled them for me. One arrived cracked and the box was well packed so I am thinking the worst.

I stuck them in the bator anyway, and am on day 6 today.

Two of them I had to toss because they were weepy. Last night I candled the remaining 21 eggs. On the dark shelled ones I could not tell much. The white shelled ones were easy to see through. Only 1 of the white shelled eggs shows veining. Most are just clear. 2 - 3 have peanut sized lumps inside, but no veins. One has a dark ring that the sticky post says is a 'day 3 or so quitter'.

I have someone I can get local fertile eggs from on Sunday. (Marans, same as some of the ones I was trying for this hatch - go figure...) Should I pull out the clear ones and add new eggs?

Provided the one that I am fairly sure is cooking keeps going, it will hatch a full week before the rest. Is that OK?
For the one that will be a week old, it should be OK alone for awhile, as long as you keep it warm. I've known someone to hatch a single chick and it was fine. Adding the ones that are a week older in with it should be fine, since there will be more of those, even though they are smaller.

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