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Aug 29, 2020
Two days ago my Abraham went down protecting his flock. A barred owl got him. Odd thing is, it happened during the day. We buried him under our magnolia tree. I'm now wondering how I'm gonna find homes for 4 roosters because I know I'll never want to use them for meat. Do you get attached too?


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Birdsong 82

Aug 17, 2017
I think many people have that problem. Not realizing how attached we would become to our tiny raptors. I'm so sorry you lost your boy. :hugsA good Roo steals our heart just as much as it does the hens Unfortunately It's hard to find a home For roosters. You could post them on rehoming thread on the site ,or Craigslist
Ive been wanting a roo for my new flock (miss having a roo) and I would be happy to take one but I'm sure chances are you don't live in Va

Awakening Forest

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Aug 14, 2020
North Central Florida
So sorry for your loss. Most of us have felt the pain of loss of one or more at one time. I get overly attached to many but there are no guarantees in life... It's hard to let go but it's something we have to deal with with.

I'm in north Florida - not too far from you - and have Barred Owls. They raise their young overhead. Seeing the babies grow up brings me a lot of joy. For that reason I haven't clear cut my property which means my free ranging chickens have aerial predators to deal with (and hawks too). So I don't let them free range until they are about four months old and too big for the birds to steal. I also have dogs free range with them and crows....

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