R-panel coops we build

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May 22, 2011
Fort Worth
We build livestock shelters & had a customer ask for a coop.Here is what we gave him. We built it in kit form in our shop. Then we put it together onsite.








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What a neat idea! Those large windows will provide excellent ventilation especially if the coop is located in a warm climate.
Great design - love the human-size access in both designs.

You don't say where you're located but I agree with theoldchick - could you modify to Winterize for someone in a place with nasty Winter weather?
Something as simple as plexiglas panels to cover the windows would make it weatherproof w/o cutting off the light.

Also wanted to ask about flooring - setting directly on dirt will leave those coops predator-friendly.
How about hardware cloth flooring?
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Well the floors can be whatever you decide. HomeDepot sells flat paving stones that will cover the floor easy & cheap. Concrete slab will be the best way. I am mounting mine on hinges so I can lift one side & wash the whole thing out with a water hose. The windows will get covered with a sheet of weaterproof siding in the winter. I am from TEXAS! so it dont get too cold down here.
THANX FOR ALL THE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not really sure what you mean about "mounting on hinges" but do be sure to secure the floor somehow. Right now in the picture you can see a gap between the ground and the side of the building which means a predator could easily dig under and into the coop and get all the chickens inside.
I had this idea to pour a slab.While it was wet,put hinges in the concrete.Then mount the coop to the hinges. You could then lift one side,& wash out the coop with a water hose.I dont know,just a thought. It would for sure need a floor. I am gonna pour a slab this week & I will post pics.I designed it to sit down on a slab where there is no way a critter could get into it.I dont think I over build, I just use the same materials I would build a commerical building with. Just like everyone on here,I love my chickens.That is why I made one to begin with. My girls can go "you keep a scratching,but you aint gettin in!"

I love Twodogsfarms's idea about plexiglass.I did'nt think about that.It would keep it lit up on the inside. I'm gonna check on prices
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