r these orbs!

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    My husband and son built this house we now live in 5 years now,there has been strange noises but nothing bad.It seems like in a lot mof the photos taken here,there is something in it.My husband has ditigal camera.We took pictures of a cute storage building we built when we first purchased the property.Upon reviewing the photos my h asked me if we missed a spot painting,noooo it was a smiling face!Ever since i look at r photos more,one year at Christmas there was a glowing noodle shape on the floor. I will post this years photo,taken with husbands camera,also dil used her new camera,same thing!Am i nuts?[​IMG]
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    Yes, those are orbs. You can read about them here. Orbs are caused by fine particles suspended in the air near the flash.
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    I've never been much of a believer in orbs, simply because I'm a photography person and I sometimes have those freakin' things in a whole group of pictures! Mostly when I'm shooting in a dark, dusty area.

    Now if you get weird smudges, silhouettes of people, or something bigger in a picture, I would be more apt to believe that. It's not as easy to take a picture with those elements (well, short of photoshop), although even some of those can be caused by flash shadows, smudges on the lenses, blur, etc.

    I bet if you begin taking pictures around the house without a flash, the orbs will go away. Also, our house was 20 yrs old when we moved in, but we added on an addition. Our house made some pretty strange noises those first years afterwards! Cracking noises, thumping noises, doors creaking...it was just because the house was settling, well at least the new part. That might be the case for you too if your house is only 5 yrs old. Not that I'm discounting any "ghosts" because I do believe in them, but I often find there are other explanations for things whenever I get excited I might be dealing with a ghost! In reality, I actually haven't ever seen a ghost during my lifetime!
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    Either orbs or Imp eggs?
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    Imp single eye reflections, aka, orbs.
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    I guess i have a dirty house not haunted house lol!

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