R they molting

k long

6 Years
May 4, 2013
My seven month old chickens act like they r molting there r feathers everywhere and they still ain't started laying. Does anyone have any idea what is up? I have had chickens off and on for years and I don't ever remember having this issue.
Yes it sounds like they are. But if the issue continues for longer than usual I'd inspect them for mites or lice.

HS Pye
Thnx for the advice. I've had back surgery so I ain't been able to give them the attention I normally would.
I was just coming on here to ask the same question! For the last week, out of 16 hens I'm gettin 5 or 6 eggs. Just went out to check and there are more feathers in the pen than usual. Nine are 11months and 7 are seven months. I looked at 3 of them and did not see mites or lice. I think about 4 are wanting to go broody on me.
How long does the molt last?
The molt actually last almost half the year starting in early summer where most of what is going on involves serial replacement of flight feathers in wings. During the first three months or so all you will see are occasional wing feathers during this time unless you look at the bird's wings and notice new feathers coming in are darker with shorter ones having area of growth at base. About no many will be loosing body feather and tail feather which is much more obvious. Replacement of those feathers will be complete in 3 months or less. Generally, loss of flight feathers represents the halfway point time wise. Some birds commence tail and body replacement later in season, especially with broody hens. My American Dominique's also tend to commence molt later but get down at about same time as my American Games.

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