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    My dad has one rabbit, a doe, that I believe is a new zealand? The big white ones, whatever they are. He has had this lone rabbit for a while, he sold all his others, but kept her. She had a 'bad' ear that was peeling and gross, so he didn't want to take her to auction.
    Anyway, dad being an idiot, he let the rabbit pellets get wet, and now they are covered with mold! He is still feeding her this feed!
    A fellow BYCer gave me some 'rodent feed' that her sister gave to her, for our guinea pigs. It says it is 16% protein, but that's about all it says.
    Our GP's food lasts them like 2 months, so this feed will be sitting here for quite a while.
    Would it be okay to feed this 'rodent food' to a rabbit?
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    It sounds like your Dad's rabbit has ear mites.
    If he doesn't take care of that, it will kill the rabbit.
    If he doesn't want to use "medicine" to cure it, he can put fresh cooking oil in the rabbits ear to smother the mites. Pour it in liberally, really soak it good. After a couple of days, he may have to do it again.
    Every couple of days check to see if the oil has been absorbed and see if the ear is clean again. If not, do it again.

    About the rodent feed, I wouldn't feed it to a rabbit. It may not hurt her, but it is not formulated for rabbits.
    Also, stop feeding her the moldy feed, this could kill her also.

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    Rabbits need a pellet that is specifically designed for a rabbit. If you use a good Rabbit pellet it can be a complete diet for a healthy rabbit, I would suggest adding some good hay and some fresh treats too. Moldy feed of any sort is a guarenteed problem...Throw the junk away. As far as rodent feed ration; you would have to look at the ingredients. Protien shouldn't be the only concern. A rabbit pellet is mainly made from timothy or alfalfa...hay. I would have no idea what a rodent feed has as the main first listed ingredient. I would go to the feed store and buy a good 16 or 18 % rabbit pellet or call/ visit someone in your area that raises/ breeds rabbits to see what they use/feed and where they buy it so you can start feeding the animal the right way.
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