Rabbit genetics question (PIC ADDED)


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Jun 14, 2009
Massena, NY
English lop buck (unknown color) x Harlequin doe = Fawn buck

Fawn buck x Mini lop doe (black & white broken) = lilac doe, fawn & white broken buck, solid fawn buck

Fawn & white broken buck x brown agouti doe = ???? Any ideas?

I doubt i will breed her, but her disposition is just too awesome to pass up so im gonna buy her tuesday. Plus i like the color, i will post pics. She is just a mutt bunny who will probably be 8-11 lbs judging by her big ears.

The mother to this doe is albino. Still don't know what the buck's color is.

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Nov 27, 2009
Wilmington, NC
Well, your broken fawn buck is a dilute (dd) non-extension (ee) agouti [Aa, because his broken black mother was a self (aa)]. If his sister was a lilac (dilute chocolate self (aabbdd), he may carry a chocolate gene, as well. "Brown" isn't a term that is used in rabbit color names, do you mean what I would call a chestnut agouti? If so, the doe is only expressing dominant colors. If she is a mutt, she could have just about anything behind her, so the color possibilities are just about endless!

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