Rabbit Jerky anyone?

Discussion in 'Egg, Chicken, & Other Favorite Recipes' started by Steve_of_sandspoultry, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Steve_of_sandspoultry

    Steve_of_sandspoultry Overrun With Chickens

    We processed a couple of rabbits yesterday and decided to try to make some rabbit jerky.


    Put it in the dehydrator this morning and it's smelling goooooooood right now. I can't wait 'till it's done.

    Steve in NC
  2. buck-wild-chick

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    Jul 24, 2008
    Hamilton C. FL
    I never thought about rabbit jerky... Great idea [​IMG]
  3. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
    Let me know how it tastes. I have NZ rabbits that we need to process soon and we all love jerky at my place.
  4. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    So thats what rabbit meat looks like. It looks like white meat...Does it taste like white meat? (if that makes any sense)
  5. Steve_of_sandspoultry

    Steve_of_sandspoultry Overrun With Chickens

    It came out good but we learned a few things. It dries different than other meat we have done before. It went thru an "oily" stage (which is strange because rabbit meat is super lean) I don't remember seeing that with beef, deer or turkey. We used the regular seasoning mix we always do, black pepper, garlic powder, salt, red pepper, white pepper, teriyaki sauce, wine and marinaded over night. The spices overpowered the rabbit, if you make it go light on the spices. The meat we used came from the side - after we took out the backstraps I just filleted the meat off the ribs and over the stomach. It's allready thin enough so all you have to do is just slice it.

    Redhen - yes rabbit is all white meat. It has a very delicate flavor, pretty much what ever marinade or sauce you cook it in it takes that flavor. A strong sauce covers the flavor, domesticated rabbits don't have a gamey taste at all unless you do an older one. The meat is very lean and tender. [​IMG]


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