Rabbit kindled--really big litter!


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May 30, 2011
Hey all,

I've finally gotten back on the forum, and like a gazillion things have happened.

most importantly , My rabbit gave birth early yesterday morning
, to 10 KITS!

she's a fairly small rabbit (5-6lbs) never had a litter this big. I don't have any other does, so I can't foster. But I'd really like to do all I can to keep all 10 kits alive.

I'm pretty sure she's able to feed 8, so should I take 2 inside and bring them out to nurse off her 2x a day? Am I insane to even consider doing that?


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From what I have read, half and half to her. 5 at once, remove, let her settle for a bit then bring the other 5. What kind of rabbit?

ETA: No you are not insane. This is YOUR first large litter but certainly not the only large litter. I have French angoras due the middle of June.....
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she's a mixbreed, a little of everything. Maybe some lionhead?

I'm just surprised cuz her previous litters were 7(lost litter) & 6 (2 died b4 2wks).

She's kinda a highstrung rabbit...I'm worried that moving half the litter out/ invading her nest might stress her?

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