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    so my newzealand bunny gave birth to her second litter yesterday, the 1st litter did not make it past day 3, have read pretty common to lose first litter... so monday i went to put the nest box in her cage (currently have her inside in a pet rabbit cage, as its -30 up here right now) and she had already given birth to 1 kit, but it was dead... no fur or nothing pulled out... luckily i left her inside because yesterday i came home from work and she had gave birth to seven more... now she didnt make a nest in the nest box, but made a nest beside it... is a nice and warm spot, but its small, barely wide enough for her to get into... i like the spot as thats why the last ones died, is she would run across them, and they would get pulled out of the nest, so this time they are well protected from that, but i worry she wont be able to feed them? should i leave them alone or move her nest into the nest box?

    just starting to get into rabbits so its all a learning curve... currently have 2 newzealand white does, and one califoniaXchampagne d'agent doe, and my buck is a nzwXcali
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    I would leave them alone. If she was able to kindle them in that space, it's large enough for her to nurse them. I would be concerned with messing with them since she has already lost one litter.

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