Rabbit medication difficulties


11 Years
Nov 15, 2008
I **dread** meds time. The original little guy that got sick was great to give meds to, just let him jump up in my lap, pet him, flip him on his back, squirt meds behind teeth, flip back over, give carrot slice, voila.

But now that my OTHER bun is on antibiotics
(baytril, which I can imagine is disgusting)....lets just say he is not so cooperative. He HATES to be picked up, he's sweet as pie on the ground and will come sit in your lap and loves pets & cuddles, but the second you restrain him or attempt to block him he is done. Screams, thrashes, bites, kicks, etc...and he's big, too. I've tried holding him on the back of the neck and at the hips, and he just loses his mind, and the screaming is too much to take
I would never ever hurt him, I don't know why he screams like that. Poor little guy.
I end up just letting him crawl up in my lap and then sneak a towel over him
I have to wrap him up in a towel and then try to fish his head out of the towel without getting bit. GAAAAH!!!!!!!
I wish there was an easier way to do this!

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