rabbit question please answer! UPDATE 2 BUCKS 1 DOE


10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
i was gonna breed my rabbits yesterday and the BUCK attacked the DOE! what the heck would he do that for. i though only the does attacked bucks. i put them in a run so they wherent even in eachothers cages.
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1. question would be are you positive you have a buck and doe?

2. It may be just the buck showing domanince over the female, trying to show her who's boss, that kinda thing.

My buck usually just chases my doe around and around until he finally gets her.
im 110% positive its a buck and a doe.
well hey attacked her and she got a big hole on her side im treating her for.
and he didnt chase her he just grabbed her and bit her .
That's strange. I have never had that happen. And I keep mine in a colony, so they are together all the time. The bucks don't even attack each other let alone a female.
I'd get a new buck from a different bloodline. I wouldn't want that aggressiveness in my lines. I've never had that happen before either. Poor girl!
well i was reading one of my rabbit books that i got at the local library and it said the buck is in what is called close season. the bucks arent very friendly around this time. to bring them into season you have to feed him plenty of greens and the lengthening of days will help also. so i think that might be the problem.

has anyone else ever heard of this.
If you have caged rabbits, you should take the female to the buck's cage for breeding. He was uncomfortable if you took him out of his cage and then brought a rabbit to him. He may have felt that he was protecting himself.

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